How To Save Money Going Out On A College Budget

It’s hard to have a fun night going out these days without spending a ton of money. And if you’re susceptible to getting crazy going out, you may buy shots for everyone within an ear distance. But do that, and then you would have to be a brave soul to check your bank account the next morning. Or if you have the guts to add up last month’s purchases at the bars, that could make you want to throw up more than a double shot of Bacardi 151.

As a college student, this is money you can’t afford to waste. College is expensive enough when you consider tuition, housing, food, and textbooks. The crazy thing is that it’s not uncommon for college students to spend $300 a month or more on drinks. And drinking an extra few thousands of dollars a year is insane. It’s not like you have a full-time job to cover these expenses—no problem.

After making many money mistakes at the bar, we need to learn how to optimize fun and minimize spending when going out.

Here’s the exact system to save money when going out.

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