Summer On Campus: The Only Guide You Need

After all the memories throughout the school year, students feel bittersweet about being home for the summer.

They miss their college best friends who they won’t see for three months because they’re all scattered across the country. Their thriving social life gets shaken up back home. And their freedom takes a hit while living under their parents’ rules again.

On the other hand, they do appreciate the opportunity to go back home. There they can spend quality time with their family. Catch up with old high school friends. Work as an intern to learn and make money. It’s also refreshing to get away from campus before they’re back again doing the same things in the fall.

But, not all students go back home for the summer. For various reasons, many students never leave and spend their summer on campus. Right away it feels weird for these students when most of their friends are gone, the campus is dead, and it seems there isn’t much going on off-campus.

Everything they associate with college during the fall and spring semester isn’t the same during the summer. If this applies to you, you know it’s a problem if you don’t adjust somehow.

However, while it’s not as easy to find something to do as it is during the school year, with a little creativity and effort you can have an enjoyable summer on campus.

You might have such a blast that you’ll be nostalgic about your summer when the fall semester kicks up. Read these 8 ways to have fun and I’m positive you’ll find something for you.

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