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We recently received a great set of questions from Kristine S. who is a pre-med recruitment chair at American Medical Women’s Association. These are all great questions and we would like to share the Q&A with all of our Tacklrs and audience.

Q: How is Tackl’s online presence, currently?

A: Tackl is an early stage startup building a data-driven university recruiting platform focusing on smart-matching. We have been growing rapidly for last a year and a half, backed by 500 Startups, Digital Entertainment Ventures, and partnered with WeWork and the UK Trade & Investment’s Global Entrepreneur Program. Our online presence is growing therefore there are a lot of students and employers coming to us.

Q: What is the success rate for your Tacklrs?

A: Success rate varies depends on each candidate, so it’s difficult to present one number for it. For example, some of our placement cases take less than 2 weeks from the sign up to the job offer. Other cases, it takes a few weeks to a few months until they start conversations with employers depending on the Tacklrs’ academic background and career interest around various talent requests. Also, there are other factors such as students’ availability, change of plans, and personal issues that affect the placement process.

Overall, we can confidently say that Tackl significantly increases the exposure to relevant job opportunities and employers. Also, Tacklrs get to learn about these opportunities that are otherwise hard to find.

Q: What chances does a state school graduate have in this pool of graduates from the best schools?

A: Not all employers want the same type of talent. While some companies care about the university brand and fields of study, other employers pay more attention to candidates who are able to start working as soon as possible without worrying about getting their hands dirty. We have diverse opportunities and state school students/grads have as many opportunities as the top school candidates.

Q: What avenues does Tackl have that set it apart from all the other recruitment services/job sites that have been around for years?

A: At Tackl you are not just another resume application being sprayed to multiple different job postings praying to one day hear back; we guide Tacklrs through the hiring process from first point of contact through the interviews until the student has successfully been hired.

Students create a profile that includes their resume as well as an extensive background analysis allowing employers to see beyond the numbers to find the right fit.

Q: How much of the students’ information is shared with the employers?

A: When the smart-match feature pulls the best-matched candidates for the employer, the candidates are notified of the opportunity and can decide whether or not they would like to share further details with the employer.

> If he/she is interested then the employer can then message or email the student to set up an interview date and time.

> If the candidate is not interested then he/she selects not interested, the process terminates and the employer won’t be able to see the full details.

Q: Are employers allowed to send promotional information to students (aka spam) regardless of their intention to review the student’s’ resumes?

A: Employers have no right or ability to send any information to students directly. All communication goes through the Tackl team and we are very strict about the type of information that we share with students.

Q: How long does it generally take for Tacklrs to be matched to an employer?

A: As addressed above, it varies a lot depending on each candidate, so it’s difficult to present with one number.

Q: What type of job offers do Tacklrs end up with – unpaid internships, paid internships, part-time, extra-help, contract, full-time?

A: We believe that all hard work needs to be compensated therefore we DO NOT bring any unpaid jobs/internships. All our internship, full-time/part-time, opportunities are PAID opportunities.

Q: How come only 8 people have reviewed your Facebook page (some of which may be employees of the startup)?

A: As you can see from our Twitter (https://twitter.com/tackl_co) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tackl.co), we focus more on those channels for fast and direct communication with bigger audiences. Facebook is a great channel as well, but we find that Twitter and Instagram have been more effective for us, therefore we are focusing on them.

Q: How come there aren’t any testimonials on your Facebook page or website from successful Tacklrs?

A: We are currently working on updating our website to include these testimonies so students will be able to see them soon!

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